Exchange With Aoife And Anna On Oxford Street 9/11/14

Aoife: Oh I hate Oxford Street it’s so busy isn’t it?
Sara: Yeah. I’m trying to find a scrabble set, any ideas? I’ve tried BHS, John Lewis…
Anna: Online?
Sara: Yeah I need it now though … it’s for a … baby, it won’t be relevant for long
Aoife: I was just thinking I wonder if Sara is in John Lewis…
Sara: Yeah, I spend most Sundays there, I just love the people in there you know they’re all like ‘oh no after you, no after you’
Aoife: Aren’t they all shareholders though?
Sara: Are they?
Aoife: Yes
Sara: Oh. Right. Well.
Sara: Anyway I was supposed to be doing job applications but… (I look to Anna)
I quit my job you see
Anna: Oh congratu-
Sara: Yeah it’s really empowering… the poverty…
Sara: Maybe I’ll try Hamleys or something they might have one there
Sara: Anyway, I’m rambling now
Anna: Well nice to meet you!
Sara: Yeah, yeah
*Swirls around*
Anna and Aoife: WATCH OUT FOR THE BUS!!