Sara McCallum has been striving for mediocrity since the mid-1980s. She started blogging in 2013 in an attempt to impress someone, and has largely continued in this vein. 

Her writing has been featured in DogearFemale ArtsEquilibrium magazine, and Career Geek Blog. Her work has also been performed in several highly reputable Central London establishments, and one of her poems was recently made into an animation.

Her photography has appeared in the print edition of The Observer newspaper, and she runs two Instagram accounts here and hereAn archive of over 3,000 pictures (2013 – 2016) is also available for perusal here.

In her spare time she enjoys spinning pseudo-intellectual sophistry, misusing the possessive apostrophe, and being awkward* at parties. Sara lives in North London with herself and her ennui.

*Not ‘cool nouveau geek’ awkward, more like ‘absolutely paralysed with fear’ kind of awkward.

PS – Thanks for reading. Listen. Do you fancy getting a drink sometime or …?